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Dating for those in their 30's, 40's, 50's and beyond. How to stop self-sabotaging and date happily

Sensitivity and Anxiety understanding, managing and embracing the gifts

Healing the past, mastering self-love and achieving a thriving life

Relationship coaching including for individuals, couples and families

Mindfulness and Spiritual development including awareness, growth and connection 

Physical Health/Wellness incl healing autoimmune dis-eases, natural remedies, plant based medicine

Online Coaching with Jane Donovan

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Find out what50,000 datingmessagestaught me

Meet Jane

Life, Relationships and Dating Coach

I’m a podcaster, author, presenter, love and life coach, radio host and matchmaker and through this crazy journey, I have received over 50,000 feedback emails. Soooo, want to know what those emails have taught me about dating, relationships, happiness, sensitivity, and anxiety? Then dive into the resources I share with you here as I have learnt a LOT about us humans, what triggers us, what scares us and what we can do to be in our full, joyfully, self-empowered state of being.


I grew up as a highly sensitive extrovert and yes you can be both! At ten I was taught we only use 10% of the brain. There started my lifelong fascination into what the other 90% can do and how I became a learn-a-holic delving deep into the human spirit, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, relationships and what it takes to lead a happy fulfilling life.


My happy place is being of service to others to heal their past, overcome trauma and fear and move to a thriving life, one that brings them great joy.

Zen Garden

Let's get fast to the root cause that is preventing you from living your desired life. Then heal, reframe and clear it once and for all!

Jane is an incredible coach. She zones in on exactly what you need within yourself and in your relationship. Her gifts make her a powerhouse to have on your team when life is challenging you and to bring you back into your light. Jane is direct, clear and pushes you out of your comfort zone to achieve your goals whether in your professional or personal life. She knows exactly what is needed and delivers guidance in a kind and compassionate way.
Jane has held space for myself and my family for decades. Literally. She’s a master at her craft with her ability to navigate her clients through deep pain, fear, stress, programs, limitations…and especially through relationship struggles. She is the A lister for dating advice. Her home runs are on the board with years upon years of guest appearances in radio shows and podcasts - not to mention the incredible success of her own podcast show. Truly, the list goes on
She brings real life and professional coaching experience that you will not find anywhere else. And personally, to have witnessed her heal herself from a physical illness that would ordinarily be un-healable through deep research and dedication is outstanding. What a privilege it was to witness you do that Jane. Jane is my go to for referrals in a professional sense also. I wholeheartedly recommend Jane to coach you through any challenges one may be facing.

Online Programs and Courses


Free To Be Me is an 8 module on-line course helping highly sensitive people to manage and embrace their sensitivity.

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Free To Be Me is an 8 module on-line course helping people to reduce their anxiety and embrace their sensitivity.

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Men's Only Attraction

on-line course for those desiring a deeper, authentic connection with women. 

Are You Highly Sensitive?

Take the FREE 27 questions test

The Highly Sensitive Person, or HSP, is a term coined by psychologist Elaine Aron. Those who are HSP's display increased emotional sensitivity, stronger reactivity to both external and internal stimuli and have a complex inner life.

HSPs are thought to be more disturbed than others by violence, tension, or feelings of being overwhelmed.  If you react strongly to criticism, become physically and emotionally overstimulated more easily than others do, and have a rich inner life, you may score highly in the HSP test. You may also feel as if you have a higher capacity for empathy and are quite sensitive to others’ moods.

On the more positive end of the trait, high sensitivity is linked to higher levels of creativity, richer personal relationships, and a greater appreciation for beauty.

Learn more with my 6 HSP podcasts playlist 

Download my Free To Be Me HSP online course



Love-Life Show

250 searchable episodes

This is a top 10, 5 star rated show on i-tunes. The Love Life Show covers all things to do with love, life and happiness and is your private space where you are nurtured, understood, healed, embraced and loved. Whether you are desiring to shine your light brighter than ever before, or to have support as you struggle with everyday life, this is the emotional health  and spiritual show for you.

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Love-Life for Singles

19 short Q&A episodes

Love-Life for Singles is a show sharing bite size tips, tools and wisdom I have gathered having been a matchmaker to thousands of single people aged in their 30's, 40's, 50's and beyond. Learn what hosting hundreds of events for singles and over 50,000 feedback emails has taught me about dating!  When to introduce sex, how to say no to date and much more ....

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Own Your Own Stuff

9 episodes 

The spotlight is on relationships, with family, friends, loved-ones, partners, co-workers and community.  The show helps you with tools, tips, exercises and wisdom to create greater self awareness, heal painful wounds of the past and continue to move towards a higher vibration resulting in deeper, authentic connections with others. Join me to navigate coming out of fear and into the love frequency.

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The Highly Sensitive Person

6 episodes Playlist

This Playlist is a sharing of my journey as a highly sensitive person as well as the research, tools and tips to help you understand, manage and embrace your gift of sensitivity.


It's short, bite size bits of information. I have much more on this topic to share in the HSP Free To Be Me Course. Click here

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