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Praise for the Free To Be Me on-line course for Highly Sensitive People:

I’ve recently completed the Free To Be Me online course for HSP’s and I’m blown away by Jane’s ability to communicate and articulate all things highly sensitive people experience in day to day life.  I experienced so many ‘aha’ moments during this course!  What a blessing to discover I am not alone in my sensitivity.  The course has helped me realise so much about myself and my sensitivity and has helped me process so many of my old wounds from a different perspective.  The ‘what’s wrong with me?’ moments are now replaced with a knowing that I am not alone in how I see the world.  That my sensitivity is a blessing, not a curse.  Understanding that I am not alone with being highly sensitive has given me a huge boost in my confidence levels.  I understand who I am now and I have compassion for myself – something I’ve struggled to give myself in the past.  I appreciated the rich nature of spirituality and logic in Jane’s teachings.  Something I feel so many HSP’s resonate with.  I feel my life has purpose and that I’m not just an anomaly anymore.  My depression and anxiety has decreased dramatically since absorbing the course information – I understand my energy and how to nurture my needs and energetic requirements.  That in itself has been a huge game changer for me on a day to day basis.


Thank you Jane for helping me mature, for helping me evolve.  For helping me understand about my nature and ultimately giving me back to me.  I have gained so much from this one online course and I cannot recommend working with Jane enough! 


She is indeed one wise, fabulous thought leader in the world. Big love to you Jane and I will be in touch soon, Jo xx

'As someone who has now completed her HSP course and enjoyed two fantastic one-to-one Zoom sessions with her, I would like to express my gratitude for Jane's insight and wisdom which has been truly life changing. Her guidance has made a difference to every aspect in my life - my job, my relationships with my friends and my love life now give me so much more fulfilment. I couldn't recommend her enough - for each and every problem I have approached her with, she provides me with amazing tools and coping techniques that make so much sense, and then everything just clicks into place. Her teaching is so loving and supportive that even when she is giving you some real home truths, you always feel safe and secure. She has an amazing ability to help me see things about myself that I would never have seen on my own and for that reason I'm a stronger and happier person. '


Lots of love, Catherine xx

I owe you so much and would be more then happy to write a testimonial for you. I just have no idea what that would look like.  I suppose you want something more substantial then 'Jane is awesome! This course is the bestest thing ever' (even that is completely true!!)


Much love and appreciation,

Jen oxo 

Free To Be Me is an 8 module on-line course helping highly sensitive people to manage and embrace their sensitivity.

Using the strategies outlined in this 8 module on-line program, you will be able to apply them directly into your life and get instant, excellent results managing and embracing your gift of sensitivity.


You will learn how to apply the strategies in any area of your Life, Relationships, Career, Social, Family. It is a comprehensive and advanced program suitable for both those new to learning about sensitivity and those advanced


Understanding, managing, embracing and celebrating the challenges and gifts of being a Highly Sensitive Person


How to identify and heal triggers, self sabotaging behaviour, release fears and anxiety and replace with embracing peace and happiness


The tools to stop taking things so personally and having your feelings hurt. Shutting down the negative voice in the head while nurturing self acceptance and gaining self-love


How to forgive and heal the past and create rich, deep relationships without fear of being hurt. Identifying and healing triggers, building resilience and tools to change from having a fear of conflict or out of control rage to rapport building techniques. How to create and obtain the life you desire. Understanding the energy game, manifesting and embracing the gifts of sensitivity and moving towards your Zone of Genius living your true purpose


And much more. Contact me to have a chat to see if this course will suit you and give you life changing benefits.​


8 modules including MP3/MP4 recordings
downloadable printable work sheets
Lifetime access
Total course cost $144 AU. 

Please note, the on-line support webinars mentioned in the introduction video are currently not available.  Should you require support during the completion of the course, you can book in a private one on one session with Jane for an additional fee.


Coaching details are listed here 

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