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Many people present to me as socially confident, yet after a relationship ends or a period of time being socially isolated, most people find their confidence takes a bit of a hit and there's a bit of a 'fake it till you make it' going on inside. I love the saying confidence is contagious, catch it, share it.

So here is a gorgeous email received that I share encouraging you to socially engage, grow in confidence and share it around.

‘Hi Jane, I must say thank you for all that you have done for me. I’m loving meeting so many wonderful people. I’m going to restaurants I have not visited before and trying food that I may normally not eat but loving all the new tastes. I’ve met some great friends and it’s wonderful to laugh. I am becoming a lot more confident in meeting new people, starting conversations and making new friends. It’s all a great experience pushing me out of my comfort zone.’

If you have had your confidence take a dip, book in for a coaching session with me and we will create together a new plan moving forward that will have you too experiencing a strong gain in confidence. ❤️

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