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How To Get The Date!

A tough love guide to what you are doing wrong

and how to fix it, for those dating in their

30's, 40's, 50's and beyond.

Are you one of Australia’s 4,000,000 singles who’s looking for love in all the right places but still hasn’t found that special someone? How To Get The Date can help!


Jane Donovan is a singles coach and matchmaker who successfully partnered thousands of single men and women. How To Get The Date is her tough love guide to finding a lasting relationship.


Jane pinpoints the top 50 reasons that prevent singles becoming couples, and provides insight and real-life experiences to help both men and women find their match. Jane knows through personal and business experience that it takes courage and vulnerability to be in a relationship. With her tell-it-like-it-is approach, the truth as to why you are single will soon become glaringly obvious!


* Find out how being shy can be one of the greatest advantages in dating

* Learn what makes an Alpha male tick and how to approach him

* Get dates with people who are a consistent match for you * Women: move from Alpha to Beta happily and attract the man you want

* Put the brakes on your intensity

* Why you should never have sex on the first date

* Understand that out of sight does not mean out of mind

* Know that attraction is not based on the bathroom scales * Learn the date rule that could change everything!


Which Dating Type Are You?

The Penis Picker – Chooses prospective dates with his (or her) you-know-what

The Highly Sensitive Person – The shy soul who is too scared to approach anyone

The Victim in Denial – Their previous relationships ended because their partners had too many ‘flaws’.

The Narcissist – No-one ever matches up to their expectation of perfection so they remain dateless

The Creepy Texter – Sends messages as soon as the date ends

The Ice Maiden – Usually over-50, they think they’re being confident and outspoken but actually they’re cold and rude The List Dater – Has a list of all the traits their ideal partner must have

Plus many more


Jane Donovan is a successful radio presenter and host, speaker, columnist, matchmaker and singles coach based in Adelaide. She’s known on radio as the Love Doctor and the Love Guru and has a top 10 wellness podcast love-life where her wisdom has been appreciated across the globe. 

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