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He Never Gave Up!

He had all but given up, yet he had one last spark of energy in him to give it another go. It was his 34th dinner for six. This man has always been a kind, genuine, respectful and pleasant person. Maybe there was nothing stand out about him in this judgmental crazy super extroverted world we live in, however there was something nice and solid about this man. Someone who I knew would make a great partner to many women. And while he had the occasion date or two, he didn’t appear to be connecting longer than a short period with any one woman. Then along came someone who was nervously attending her very first dinner. She joined us hoping to grow in confidence meeting people and maybe make a new friend of two. Well she only ever went to that one dinner as these lovely people connected. It was a quiet connection that took a bit of encouragement from us to happen as both were nervous to ask for the others phone number however once that was established, the rest is history. This was around 3 years ago and I am happy to share they are now happily married and still marvel at what nearly didn’t happen. What if he had already given up? What if she didn’t reach for the courage to attend the dinner? If this is you, then I strongly encourage you to reach deep within yourself and keep going. Keep showing up, keep saying yes and keep growing.

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