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Over 300 episodes from 4 podcast shows

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Love-Life Show

250 searchable episodes

This is a top 10, 5 star rated show on i-tunes. The Love Life Show covers all things to do with love, life and happiness and is your private space where you are nurtured, understood, healed, embraced and loved. Whether you are desiring to shine your light brighter than ever before, or to have support as you struggle with everyday life, this is the emotional health  and spiritual show for you.

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Love-Life for Singles

19 short Q&A episodes

Love-Life for Singles is a show sharing bite size tips, tools and wisdom I have gathered having been a matchmaker to thousands of single people aged in their 30's, 40's, 50's and beyond. Learn what hosting hundreds of events for singles and over 50,000 feedback emails has taught me about dating!  When to introduce sex, how to say no to date and much more ....

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Own Your Own Stuff

9 episodes 

The spotlight is on relationships, with family, friends, loved-ones, partners, co-workers and community.  The show helps you with tools, tips, exercises and wisdom to create greater self awareness, heal painful wounds of the past and continue to move towards a higher vibration resulting in deeper, authentic connections with others. Join me to navigate coming out of fear and into the love frequency.

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The Highly Sensitive Person

6 episodes Playlist

This Playlist is a sharing of my journey as a highly sensitive person as well as the research, tools and tips to help you understand, manage and embrace your gift of sensitivity.


It's short, bite size bits of information. I have much more on this topic to share in the HSP Free To Be Me Course. Click here

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