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What's the Number 1 Dating Turnoff?

What is one of the top 3 turnoffs when dating or meeting someone knew?

Negativity! How do I know this? From receiving over 50,000 feedback emails and messages from those attending dinners, events or dates I've arranged.

Negativity often, but not always, comes from a place of sadness, frustration or anger at something and usually someone from the past. Taking the time to heal, reframe and grow from past experiences is crucial to have a successful social and dating life enduring you are attracting the people you desire to meet.

One of the most common, dreaded and ‘telling’ questions asked when socialising is, ‘why did your relationship end?’ The cringe and anxiety factor can be high when this is asked, as the answer will always reveal a lot about you.

Our past has many, sometimes hidden, gifts and keys to help us to move to a better tomorrow. Learning consciously from past experiences is invaluable always. Perhaps start by asking yourself, ‘what do I now know about myself that I didn’t know prior to this experience?’

The goal is to get to a place where you can answer genuinely and calmly your relationship breakup story sharing a truthful statement such as:

‘My past relationship was great in many ways however not great towards the end. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and I’m enjoying meeting new people now and looking forward to what the future brings’

This statement clearly demonstrates that there is no ‘victim mentality’, good self- awareness and positivity towards both the now and future.

If you would like help to heal and reframe your past then I would love you to book in for a coaching session with me. I know moving forward with clarity, positivity and excitement for new experiencing will have you enjoying your social and dating life and reaping the rewards. I’m excited and looking forward to supporting you to have a rich, happy and successful dating life.

With love, Jane ❤️

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