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Chemistry on a First Date!

So often I receive feedback saying so and so was nice however there wasn’t the spark or chemistry so won’t be going anywhere. I know you want that spark and I know you want chemistry. However, do you know how to create chemistry? Most will say no, particularly for those not in their 20’s and more likely post-divorce, unexperienced at dating and simply waiting for it to happen. Well it is 99% unlikely to happen unless one of two things occur. One, you know how to flirt, create chemistry, and get that spark happening. This is done by being confidentially unpredictable but not in a creepy way. And if you want to learn how to do this, I can teach you. Or two, you give the spark time to grow. People typically engage in connective flirting behavior when they feel safe and the older we get, the longer this takes to happen. So, my advice is that if you have had a nice date, even without chemistry, then see them again and allow time for the chemistry to grow.

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