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Meet Jane

Life, Relationships and Dating Coach

I’m a podcaster, author, presenter, love and life coach, radio host and matchmaker and through this crazy journey, I have received over 50,000 feedback emails. Soooo, want to know what those emails have taught me about dating, relationships, happiness, sensitivity, and anxiety? Then dive into the resources I share with you here as I have learnt a LOT about us humans, what triggers us, what scares us and what we can do to be in our full, joyfully, self-empowered state of being.


I grew up as a highly sensitive extrovert and yes you can be both! At ten I was taught we only use 10% of the brain. There started my lifelong fascination into what the other 90% can do and how I became a learn-a-holic delving deep into the human spirit, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, relationships and what it takes to lead a happy fulfilling life.


My happy place is being of service to others to heal their past, overcome trauma and fear and move to a thriving life, one that brings them great joy.

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