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Overcoming Dating Burnout

Dating burnout is real, it’s when we place a lot of time, emotions, and energy into dating in the hope of meeting someone special. When it doesn’t happen, our energy runs low, and we can give up. If this is happening for you, this is the time to put fun back into being single. Remind yourself of all the great things about being single, you get to sleep in the middle of the bed, you can please yourself, you don’t need to compromise with a partner. Then look at the positives of engaging constantly with new people. Be social instead of ‘dating’. Go to events for single people, try new activities or interests, be curious about the people you are meeting regardless of gender or potential suitability to you. In fact, forget the whole idea of meeting someone suitable and instead have this as a mantra…I’m looking forward to connecting with interesting people and having fun’. It’s just a mindset change from spending your social time dating to having fun. And I promise you, that the more fun you have the easier it will be to attract someone special into your life. Have fun, then more fun, then even more fun and boom, there he/she is, standing right in front of you wanting to join in on all the fun you are having.

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