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Free To Be Me is an 8 module on-line course helping people to reduce their anxiety and embrace their sensitivity.

Learn the EXACT Steps So You Can Heavily Reduce and Manage Anxiety
and Embrace The Gifts Of Sensitivity


Using the strategies outlined in this 8 module on-line program, you will be able to apply them directly into your life and get instant, excellent results managing and embracing your anxiety and sensitivity.

85% of course participants experience huge reduction in anxiety after completing only module 1. Proven to be Fast and Effective

What this course will teach you!

How to apply the strategies in any area of your Life, Relationships, Career, Social, Family. It is a comprehensive and advanced program suitable for both those new to learning about anxiety and sensitivity and those advanced.

The 5 most important tips

You have an 85% chance of your anxiety being heavily reduced after completing only module 1. The remaining 7 modules help you to understand, manage, embrace and celebrate the challenges and gifts of being a Sensitive Person

How to identify and heal triggers, self sabotaging behaviour, release fears and anxiety and replace with embracing peace and happiness

The tools to stop taking things so personally and having your feelings hurt. Shutting down the negative voice in the head while nurturing self acceptance and gaining self-love

How to forgive and heal the past and create rich, deep relationships without fear of being hurt or anxious. How to build resilience. Tools to change from having a fear of conflict with either out of control rage or withdrawal to rapport building techniques

How to create and obtain the life you desire. Understanding the energy game, manifesting and embracing the gifts of sensitivity and moving towards your Zone of Genius living your true purpose.


And much more. Contact me to have a chat to see if this course will suit you and give you life changing benefits.


* 8 modules including MP3/MP4 recordings
* downloadable printable worksheets emailed direct to you
* Do the course at your own pace.
* Experience change in all areas of your life
* Lifetime access to all the course information and modules
* Access to book in for a private support coaching session with Jane (addition costs apply and subject to availability)
* Get started immediately. Complete the form below and the modules will be emailed immediately to your nominated email address

Most people are very busy and possibly time poor. This course is designed to support this situation allowing you to move through it at your own pace. A big time commitment is not necessary, rather a commitment to around 30 minutes to 1 hour each week to listen to the modules. Most of the homework is based around spending time observing yourself from a different perspective as you go about your daily life and then documenting your observations. This course is designed for the thinking person and since everyone has time to think, then you have the time to do this course.

My promise:
How about a money back guarantee if you find your anxiety doesn't reduce? I am that confident that this course will achieve a considerable lowering of your anxiety that I am prepared to back this course with a 100% money back guarantee.  So if you have completed the 8 modules and found no improvement, then contact me to receive your money back.8 modules including MP3/MP4 recordings
downloadable printable work sheets
Lifetime access


Total course cost $144 AU 

Not cashed up? Easy, we have payment plans! Send us an email to with a proposed payment plan and we will do our best to say yes.

Please note, the on-line support webinars mentioned in the introduction video are currently not available.  Should you require support during the completion of the course, you can book in a private one on one session with Jane for an additional fee.

Anxiety Free To Be Me Course

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