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So what does the love coach do?  Jane aims to have you experience a different and new way of achieving greater love and happiness in your life. No more ground hog day (where each date or relationship or experience is similar to the last). She starts by looking at your history to determine any reoccurring themes and patterns that may not be working in your best interests. She looks for self sabotaging behaviour and limiting beliefs that may be preventing you from achieving love of your life. These are what Jane calls, 'love blockages'. As she identifies your love blockages she uses various tools to help you to change for a better future outcome.

Love is a process and this service isn't a one hit wonder however while love isn't a game, dating and playing the happiness game is! Jane will help you get it right. Be it healing the past, truth and tough love time, how to create a richer, happy relationship, the do's and don'ts of dating and life, bring more joy into your life, knowing who is a good match or stopping self sabotaging behaviour. Jane is the girl to help you change for a better future. Fast results orientated magic that works

Areas of Jane's expertise:

Love and relationships

Singles and dating


Highly Sensitive People

Business success

Spiritual growth

Life balance

Self love and self development

I would love to work with you and help you to be the most authentic amazing empowered and dynamic version of you.  


  • All sessions are conducted over Zoom.

  • South Australia timezome. See timezone app below to calculate your timezone.

  • Cost $150 per 1 hour session

  • Payment for new clients is in advance via PayPal or Direct Debit. Returning clients, payment is at the completion of the session.

  • PayPal me link here 

  • Public Speaking engagements or media requests as a guest, columnist or host for radio, print media, stage or television

To book a session please email or use the online option below.



Here are some of the situations Jane has helped resolved recently with one on one coaching:

My partner has withdrawn his interest from me. Please help me reconnect


I find it difficult to socialise and date as my feelings get hurt very easily. I am scared I wont survive another hurtful breakup.

My last two relationships were with fabulous women. I suspect I have blown it however I don't know why.

Help, we can't stop fighting and I hate it.

All my relationships only last around 2 months.

Nothing in my life seems to be going right, I feel lost.


I identify with people pleaser, I just can't say no to someone however i don't know how to change this. 

I get dates easily however rarely does te girl want to date me a third or forth time

I don't know how to make friends and am starting to feel lonely. I need help to know how to do this

I struggle to tell my partner no and be heard. As a result I am always doing things I don't want to do

I'm shy and want to learn to be more social.


I'm scared to speak up for myself. I can't tell my boss what I need to nor other people important in my life. I would love to learn to be confident and not scared of conflict.​


I'm in love with a man who can't commit to me.

I've been estranged from my family for 7 years and wish to reconnect.

I've caught my partner trying to hook up with another woman.

I get dates easily when in organised social situations however I would like to learn to approach any woman anywhere. 

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