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Men's Only Attraction Course


Destination: Experience A Deeper, Authentic Connection With Women Who Should Do This Course? This course is perfect for you if you desire any of the following: * You wish to have more confidence approaching women * You have been hurt by a woman and want to be able to trust again * You want to date someone you are attracted to * You want to understand women better * You constantly have short term relationships only and desire a lasting one * You can't get past the first few dates and want to step into a relationship * You get the first date but want to be able to get the second date * You want to understand body language both yours and hers * You want to make a woman happy however have no idea how to do that * You are tired of the games and want deeper authentic connections * You have patterns of choosing the wrong women and want to choose right * You attract women you are not interested in dating and desire to date different ones * You want to stop self sabotaging any chance at a relationship * You want lasting happiness with a long term partner * You are tired of pretending to be someone you're not and want to be just you Google Maps, The Journey To plot a map to our destination, we must know our current location and what resources we need to get us there in good time. There will be road blocks, traffic jams, breakdowns and poor weather and we need to think about how we will handle these challenges. Desired Destination: Who do I want to be? Someone to engage with women authentically with honesty and integrity Current Location: Who am I? Why am I single? Journey: What resources do I need? CAVEAT: Everything I change must be in order to get to my destination. If it’s not, don’t do it! * 8 modules including MP3/MP4 recordings * downloadable printable worksheets emailed direct to you to support your learnings * Do the course at your own pace. * Lifetime access to the recordings and worksheets * Experience change in all areas of your life,

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