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Highly Sensitive People 8 module


Free To Be Me is an 8 module on-line course helping highly sensitive people to manage and embrace their sensitivity. Using the strategies outlined in this 8 module on-line program, you will be able to apply them directly into your life and get instant, excellent results managing and embracing your gift of sensitivity. You will learn how to apply the strategies in any area of your Life, Relationships, Career, Social, Family. It is a comprehensive and advanced program suitable for both those new to learning about sensitivity and those advanced. * Understanding, managing, embracing and celebrating the challenges and gifts of being a Highly Sensitive Person * How to identify and heal triggers and self sabotaging behaviour * Release fears and anxiety and replace with peace and happiness * The tools to stop taking things so personally and feeling hurt. * Shutting down the negative voice in the head while nurturing self acceptance and gaining self-love * How to forgive and heal the past * Create rich, deep relationships without fear of being hurt. * Building lasting resilience * Change from a fear of conflict or out of control rage to rapport building techniques and tools. * Understanding the energy game, manifesting and embracing the gifts of sensitivity. * Create and obtain the life you desire. * Moving towards your Zone of Genius and living your true purpose * And much more. Contact me to have a chat to see if this course will suit you and give you life changing benefits.​ Please note, the on-line support webinars mentioned in the introduction video are currently not available. Should you require support during the completion of the course, you can book a private one on one session with Jane for an additional fee. ​

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app





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