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With Nikki Heuskes and Jane Donovan


Conscious Connections for Women

A self-empowering journey within  


10am Tuesday 18th to 10am Friday 21st June 2024

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Do You Find Yourself...

  • Feeling tired?

  • Exhausted?

  • Experiencing pain?

  • Health challenges?

  • Lonely?

  • Directionless? 

  • Disconnected?

  • Lost?

  • Overwhelmed?

  • Triggered?

  • Emotional?

  • Toxic relationships?

  • Craving for enthusiasm, direction and passion while igniting a greater spark for life?

Are You Ready To...

  • Be the best version of yourself and fall in love with yourself again?

  • Learn and re-member ancestrial wisdom?

  • Identify, heal, deprogram and clear fears and limiting beliefs

  • Re-connect to who you really are?

  • Deepen your energetic innerstanding and awareness on all levels?

  • Gain clarity on universal laws of vibration and attraction to become clear on what you want to manifest?

  • Change your story to one that deeply excites you?

Nikki Heuskes

Level 1 Registered Kinesiologist/Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology Practitioner & Instructor, LifeLine Technique Practitioner

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Jane Donovan

Life and relationships coach, podcaster, author specialising in dating and relationships, sensitivity and anxiety, healing the past, mindfulness and spirituality, and self-love

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Meet Your Retreat Hosts

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Conscious Connections Retreat Program

Tue 18th to Fri 21st June 2024

Normanville South Australia

A self-empowering journey within

Peaceful Reading
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Life Changing Workshops

12 unique workshops held over 3 days that will introduce you to or help you remember the dynamic and powerful individual you are. Including conscious awareness, ascension, vibrational alignment, trigger and fear healing and much more.


Knowing some people desire company while others solitude, we have chosen an affordable location at the Normanville Beachside Holiday Park. Just one hour from Adelaide on the gorgeous Fluerieu Penninsular at the foot of the sand dunes.

The Region

Normanville is 77 kms south of Adelaide, South Australia and the largest regional centre on the western side of the Fleurieu Penninsula. It is known for it's stunning coast line, sandy beaches, sunsets, country community and cafe lifestyle and next to the mouth of the Bungala River.

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Workshop Space

Located on the edge of the sand dunes, this rustic camp kitchen area, exclusive for our use, features a HUGE open fireplace that will be burning warmly throughout our sessions. An open plan room that allows natural air flow, loads of space for easy workshop activities and convenient access to all amenities. Located about 100m from the accomodation.

Gift bag.png

Goodie Bag

It wouldn't be a retreat without being gifted with some take home goodies to complement your retreat learnings. But it will be a surprise, so we aren't sharing the contents here.



It is important to understand that this is a self-development retreat where we expect people to be triggered at times. This is a part of a conscious process to learn, unlearn, heal and grown. So while we know you will leave with greater self-empowerment, we do also expect there to be a few rocky moments along the way. We are however here to hold your hand and support you all the way.

Your Package Includes

  • 12 life changing workshops over 3 days including

  • Ascension awareness and connecting to the divine feminine and masculine

  • Identifying and healing self-sabotaging programs, beliefs and behaviours

  • Law of vibration, law of attraction, the power of words and manifestation 

  • Understanding energy, energetic messages and non verbal communication

  • Relationship rapport building techniques

  • Your story, the victim and triggers

  • The art of forgiveness, self-love and the inner child

  • Understanding, managing and embracing the gifts of anxiety and sensitivity

  • Physical and Emotional Health. Traditional Chinese Medicine, plant vs pharma, and energy systems

  • Spiritual growth, channeling, connection and exiting the matrix

  • Creating your own reality, upper limits and the Zone of genius 

  • Daily closing circles

  • 3 nights accommodation (price varies on your cabin selection)

  • Morning and afternoon tea

  • Closing dinner at Links Lady Bay (meal and drinks at own expense)

  • Connective group activities  

  • Sunset beach walk and hopefully dolphin spotting (subject to weather)

  • and much more

TOTAL COST: $1210 (share) to $1445 (single occupancy)


FAMILY CABIN 6 BERTH single occupancy $1430 

FAMILY CABIN 6 BERTH share with 1 other $1265 per person

FAMILY CABIN 6 BERTH share with 3 others $1210 per person

SPA CABIN 4 BERTH single occupancy $1445

SPA CABIN 4 BERTH share with 1 other $1275 per person

SPA CABIN 4 BERTH share with 3 others $1215 per person

SPA CABIN 2 BERTH single occupancy $1415 

SPA CABIN 2 BERTH share with 1 other $1260 per person

PLEASE NOTE: places are strictly limited so get in quick to secure your spot and share cabins are subject to others desiring to share. Cabin descriptions are listed below.

normanville cabins.jpg


Knowing some people enjoy privacy on a retreat, while others crave company and connection, we have found the perfect affordable accommodation where you can choose what suits you. 


Normanville Beachside Holiday Park, just 77kms south from Adelaide and on the gorgeous Fleurieu Penninsula, has a large range of cabins available set amongst huge gumtrees and at the edge of the sandhills. With private beach access where you often will find you have the beach to yourself and limited night lighting allowing the milky way to shine brightly, this is a nature lovers dream location.


Here's the holiday park website for further information

Family Cabin 6 Berth

Our Family Cabins have high ceilings and are well appointed and contain a Queen bed, 2 bunk beds, kitchen, bathroom, dining table and comfy lounge. Linen supplied for all beds.


Spa Cabin 4 Berth

Our Family Spa Cabins offers everything our standard family cabins offer, with the addition of a spa bath. Contain a Queen bed, bunk bed, kitchen, bathroom, dining table and comfy lounge. Linen supplied for all beds.

Spa Cabin 2 Berth

Our Family Spa Cabins offer everything our standard family cabin offers, with the addition of a spa bath. Contains a Queen bed, kitchen, bathroom, dining table and comfy lounge. Linen supplied for all beds.

What's Not Included

Due to the typically large range of food requirements these days, to keep the cost affordable, we have not included meals. Each cabin has a full kitchen for your use plus the town centre is about a 3 minute drive and has an abundance of cafes, restaurants and coffee shops we encourage you to explore. There is also a Foodland supermarket open 7.30am-8pm daily. It  is your choice to cook or eat out however we do recommend that you bring or stock in your cabin breakfast, morning and afternoon snacks as time restrictions won't allow time for travelling into the town. Tea and coffee will be supplied and available in the camp kitchen during the 15 minute breaks. If you wish your lunch break to be peaceful and reflective, then we would also encourage you to have this organised and available in your cabin kitchen.

You can also enjoy your meal breaks outdoors (weather permitting) as each cabin has a balcony with an outdoor setting. There are also picnic tables scattered through the park, a great sand dune lookout a minute away and the stunning beach which is also only a 1 minute walk.

Frequently Asked Questions


Arrival and check in between 8am and 9.15am Tuesday 18 June.

You will be met at the park boom gate entrance to be given your key, car parking code (one car cabin) and a park map. If you are sharing a cabin, first to arrive will have the parking code and additional car parking is available at the park entrance.

Welcome and course commencement 9.30am Tuesday 18th June in the camp kitchen

Departure before 10am Friday 21 June 2024


12 workshops held in the camp kitchen by the huge open fire

9.30am to 4.30pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Breaks for morning tea (15 mins), lunch (1 hour) and afternoon tea (15 mins)


Open to any women who are ready to be the best version of themselves and master conscious connections. This is open to all ages over 18. 


While this is being held in a beautiful part of the Fleurieu Peninsula and there will be time to enjoy mother nature, this is a serious self-development retreat and so we do expect there will be times you will be triggered. This is part of the growth process to identify your triggers, heal, reprogram, clear and change your way of being to be in alignment with that which you desire and to be the best version of yourself.

Food and Drinks

Due to the incredibly large range of food requirements with people these days, we have opted not to include catering. This is to keep the cost low so you are not paying for the requirements of others. It is typically necessary to supply food such as: vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten free, pescatarian, dairy free, lactose free, FODMAP, allergies, Ketogenic, preservative free, organic free, sugar free. This supply list also ends up with a huge amount of food wastage. We encourage you to bring your own food or there are plenty of great restaurants, cafes and coffee shops in the local town about a 3 minute drive. We recommend having planned your breakfast, snacks and possibly lunch ready in your cabin to prevent rushing into the town. Dinner is a perfect time to explore the local cafes and restaurants. Morning and Afternoon tea breaks are only 15 minutes and tea and coffee will be provided in the camp kitchen, the lunch break is for 1 hour. 


We have provided the option to share or have your own cabin. Sharing is subject to other attendees wishing to also share. Please see the accommodation descriptions above.  If you are planning on sharing, please note that the cabins have one master bedroom and a second room with bunk beds. Who gets the master bedroom or bunk beds is up to those in each cabin to decide. If you specify a share room and don't nominate a room mate, we will pair you with another attendee subject to someone requesting the same

What to bring and wear

A positive and open mindset to achieve the greatest self-development growth

Food and beverages as stated above

A cushion or pillow to sit on during circle work. As the floor is concrete, we will provide some rugs however if you have a small rug or blanket to bring, that would be most welcome.

Comfortable clothing including layers or a jacket. The workshop area is open on one side to the sand dunes which can allow the heat or cool in (and great air flow) however we will have a raging open fire going throughout the workshops. 

Please do not wear any perfume, oils or scents as some attending may be sensitive to strong scent.


While Beachside Holiday Park is secluded and has park management who only allow access to those staying at the park, we do encourage you to not keep any valuables in your cabin when not in attendance. Conscious Connections Retreat is not responsible for any lost, stolen or missing items.


Bookings are on a first come, first served basis and we have limited places available. A confirmed booking is when we have received your payment. Please note, this is a non refundable payment should you change your mind or be unable to attend.


Payment can be made via bank transfer to Jane Donovan BSB 805050 ACC 2329279. Please email us a copy of your payment receipt. If you prefer to use a credit card, payment can be made via PayPal however it will incur a PayPal fee of 3.5% that needs to be added to the total fee. PayPal payments can be made to our email address


If you are ready to book, please be 100% committed and as such, we are unable to offer any refunds. We have made commitments to the venue, our team members,  private practice/clinic clients, family etc to be able to offer this retreat.

Health and special needs

Please advise prior to booking in if you have any health conditions or special needs that need to be taken into consideration to ensure we can support you the best way possible.

Assumption of risk

By booking and paying to attend the retreat, you understand that your participation in the retreat involves risks. While every reasonable endeavour will be made to keep everyone safe, you choose with your own free will to participate in the retreat. It is understood that by attending you are holding Nikki Heuskes and Jane Donovan harmless in any intentional or accidently wrong doing. 

Terms and Conditions. 

Our terms and conditions are listed in these frequently asked questions.  By booking your place, you are confirming that you have read and agree to our terms and conditions. 

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Book Me In

Please complete the form to join us on our Conscious Connections Retreat

Wonderful, we are so excited to have you join us. Please arrange payment as per details listed on our website to confirm your booking. Once we receive your payment, we will be in touch to confirm your booking and look forward to seeing you then.

How exciting!

Retreat Location

Normanville Beachside Holiday Park,

157 Williss Drive, Normanville SA 5204

Located 77 km south from Adelaide South Australia on the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula

Meditating on the Beach

Have a question for us?

Please send us an email and we will get back to you ASAP

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