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Listen to Jane's weekly live New York radio show, Jane's Love Shack.

Got a question for Jane? Call in from 8pm Eastern time (New York Time) Thursday's on 855 856 1380 or email Jane your question.


Listen live on BBM Global Network or Tunein Radio. Audio recordings of each weeks show go up approximately 1 week after so visit back here to listen

New York Show 8 - Jane Donovan and Diane McCann
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Show 8 20th October 2016

This week’s show on Jane’s Love Shack is all about The Goddess Within. Join Australian Love Doctor, Jane Donovan and her special guest Diane McCann where we will be exploring ways to be living as authentic, loving, empowered women and how to honour our-self and discover who we really are. Plus you can join the show by calling in with your questions on 855 856 1380. 8pm EST Thursday on BBM Global Network

Contact Diane and The Goddess Within:

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