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Jane has authored two books both available for instant download.  Her latest book is available is soft cover and all electronic formats. 

'How to Get the Date' is a tough love guide to helping those dating in their 30's, 40's, 50's and beyond.

​​​​​​Packed with real life (be it composite characters to protect the individual) stories that will have you identifying with many if not all. You will see yourself within these pages and gain insight and tools to change your story from one of not getting the date to getting the date, and with someone you really want to date!

Over 50 chapters including: The list dater; The penis does the picking; The creepy texter; Please love me; The one who misses out; The shy person; The people pleaser; I don't feel or look my age; Men are intimidated by my career; It's not my fault: The drama queen: Leading people on and much much more.

Want it now in e-book format, available for all readers?

$24.95 AUD available instantly at

Want it in soft cover format? (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK)

$29.95 plus $5 postage WITHIN AUSTRALIA

Please email for international order

Praise for Jane's book:

Your book "How to Get The Date" was the first time I've ever (and believe me, I look) run across any kind of advice that doesn't immediately go from "so you can't get a date" to, three pages later, "now that you have the date, here's how to act." Thank you, Greg Utah

I just wanted to congratulate you on your book. I received it last week and haven't been able to put it down. It covers some areas (candidly) which is so helpful and fills in the gaps where a lot of material of this content fails to go. I love your honest writing style and have found it of great value. I would love to recommend it to some of my clients if ok?

Once again thank you Jane

Susanna x

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